Grow your idea
Anyone can successfully grow an idea with help from Bloom

Crowdfunding ideas, dreams and ambitions... great or small

A great idea needs nurturing. It needs cultivating and supporting, it needs loving care and attention. A great idea needs to flourish. A great idea needs to Bloom.

But great ideas often get left wilting in the shade because there’s no money to support the nurturing and growing process, and limited support for growth.

Crowdfunding allows great ideas to bloom. It’s an inclusive way for anyone with a great idea to reach out for financial support without having to give up equity or control of their business.

You simply describe your idea – be it for a startup, a business, a social enterprise or a community project - explain much money you need, what you’ll do with the money, and what you’re offering as a reward for those who promise to help you, then just reach out to the crowd and ask.

If you’ve got an idea, simply click on the “Start a Project” button. If you want to support a project, then click “Make a Promise”.

It couldn’t be easier..