Natural healing with a difference

by Aladin Ali

Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good.

Glasgow, United Kingdom
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 Want to be part of a project that helps you feel as good on the inside, as you’ll look from the outside? 

Then join my journey, and help me crowdfund £1500 to develop my healing energy beauty products, which are not only great for your skin, but also tackle specific individual problems, such as stress and eczema.

My products are all charged with healing properties tailored to tackle specific problems, and have an added bonus of providing a specific affirmation to help clients achieve positive results. For example, when a client puts on one of my creams, they may say, “I am peaceful”, or “I am focused”; something which helps them to address the issue they face. This daily ritual will increase the effectiveness of the beauty cream but also focus the mind on a positive outcome.

"This cream is not only beneficial for youthful looking skin, but because it is applied each night as part of your normal cleansing routine the natural emerging healing properties within the cream work on you throughout the night. This makes you feel uplifted and more positive in the morning. I do not know how it works, but it does.” Testimonial from Gillian.

As a single mother, I have worked hard to overcome difficulties and issues to reach a stage in my life where I feel I can help other people, both at home and abroad. I am driven by a strong vision of my healing brand becoming international and helping people all over the world, through promoting health and wellbeing.

I believe we are all born to do something that will contribute to the world and ,through this business, not only would my customers benefit but their loyalty to this company will help many underprivileged people around the world. I have already pledged to help raise funds to build a school and a health centre in the village in Bangladesh where my family comes from.

The money will be used for developing an effective e-commerce site, some online marketing of the range, and to create new products. Any extra funds that I can raise will help me put together an inspirational quote book which I want to create, to encourage my clients with uplifting, healing words and help them to feel better about themselves and their lives.

I need your support and promises to build my business, and I’m offering some unique rewards in return for your kindness and generosity.

I hope you will choose to become part of my journey.

Thank you.

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Promised of our £1,500 target


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This project missed its target on Wednesday May 8th, 11:00
Promise £5.00 + Shout-out

I'll give you a shout out on my Facebook and Twitter pages, to thank you for your support.

500 rewards, 500 remaining
Promise £15.00 + Shout Out + Sample

I'll give you a shout out on Facebook and Twitter, plus send you a sample of my Energised Anti-Wrinkle Cream. You will receive the sample by end of August 2013

200 rewards, 200 remaining
Promise £35.00 + Energised Anti-Wrinkle Cream or 2 Aura Sprays + Beauty Testing Panel

You will receive our full sized Energised Anti-Wrinkle cream or 2 bottle of Aura sprays plus you will be added to our beauty testing panel which means you'll get exclusive access to new products and the opportunity to give us your feedback.

100 rewards, 100 remaining
Promise £50.00 + 35 Reward + Personal Consultation

You will receive everything included in our £35 reward, plus a one-to-one personal consultation with myself on skincare and promoting your well being. *Please note this will take place via Skype if you are based outside Glasgow.

50 rewards, 50 remaining
Promise £60.00 + 4 bottles of Aura sprays + Samples+ Beauty Testing panel

You will receive 4 bottles of our Aura Sprays of your choice plus samples of new products and on a Beauty Testing panel.

50 rewards, 50 remaining
Promise £100.00 + Founder Status, Magnetic Men's Bracelet + Energised Anti-Wrinkle Cream

As an extra special reward, you will be listed as a founder on my website, plus you'll receive a men's magnetic bracelet and a full sized Energetic Anti-Wrinkle Cream available by end of August 2013 or 2 Aura Sprays of your choice.

34 rewards, 34 remaining
Promise £250.00 + A 100 Reward + Sponsor Status

You will receive all of the above, plus you will be listed as a sponsor in all marketing materials for 1 year.

5 rewards, 5 remaining
Promise £500.00 + The Full VIP Treatment

You will receive all of the above, plus treated with a personally tailored pampering day in Glasgow, massage of your choice, Energy Therapy session, Guidance card reading including lunch and free products to take home.

3 rewards, 3 remaining
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