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by Tom Heywood

Help fund a young entrepreneur's start-up business.

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  • Updates is my new business which sells high quality phone cases through an online store, at a cheaper price. I run the business myself, and developed the idea because the phone accessories market is booming – mobile phones are becoming more expensive and people are willing to spend more to protect them. I am looking for £700 to market my site, and develop some of my product ideas. was set up by me about 2 months ago on eBay, but after struggling with eBay fees, I decided to set up on my own. Now we want to have our own site and we need funding to get started. All in all I have 2 products ready for prototype stage and with the £700 we can run a marketing campaign to boost sales, and send product designs to be developed.

Currently we offer phone cases for all the major brands, and I hope to expand the business in the future into selling other phone accessories and handsets. I also want to develop a wide range of novelty cases to appeal to the 16-30 age group, offering a stylish option for both men and women.

This business means a lot to me, as I have been struggling to launch due to the recession and financial difficulties, despite my personal investment. I know we all face tight times just now, but if you could spare even a little to help me fund my business, it would mean the world and get me started on my entrepreneurial journey. I’m starting small so that if I fail, I can pick myself up and start again and learn from my experience.

I’m confident this is the beginning of a great company, and I hope you will support me. Even if you can't promise money, you could like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share our project with your friends.

Please take a look at and check out more of our range!

Thank you.

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You will receive one of our high quality stylish phone cases.

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You will receive our bronze pack including two phone cases, and a 20% discount code (valid for 6 months).

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You will receive our silver pack including two phone cases, a 20% discount code (valid for 1 year) plus listed as a founder on the website!

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You will receive our gold pack including three phone cases, a 45% discount code (valid for 1 year) plus listed as a founder on the website!

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You will receive our platinum pack including three phone cases, a 45% discount code (valid for 1 year), listed as a founder on the website PLUS you will be entered into our electrical product testing panel, which will allow you to keep devices that you test for us.

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Promise £500.00 + Ultimate Pack

You will receive our ultimate pack including all of the above, named as sponsor in all marketing materials for 1 year, and your 45% discount code will be extended to 2 years validity. PLUS your first 20 products free, and branded pens, T-shirt, and memory stick.

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