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by Jennifer Wilson Elle Morrison project...still renovating...13 rooms...big task...done everything ourselves...but...we need your help again

glasgow, United Kingdom
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What an amazing six months it’s been, and we’re super proud of how far we’ve come with That Place Studio… which is your place! We’ve listened to what you want, and responded with a growing timetable of classes, from everything from torso toning pilates to butt burning ballet. 

Of course, ever pushing the boundaries, we want to do more! There’s still a few renovation bits and bobs to be done to turn That Place into “Wow That Place is amazing!”… and that’s where you come in.

We crowd funded to get here in the first place, and we’re doing it again to make that place even better, and more fun. We have a series of packages you can buy. The deal being, we invest our time in training, toning and offering advice on clean living and weight loss and we invest your money back into the studio which will only make your visits more pleasurable.

The Plan?

Everyone knows us as 2Girls:1Plan though as we head towards our third birthday, yes we really are going to be 3, we have all sorts of plans now. The last one you all helped to make reality was getting our own studio.

Now everyone thinks when we say “we have our own studio” we mean that we have a room from which we teach pilates, when in reality we have 13 rooms, the whole floor of a building onJamaica Street.

The past 6 months have seen us get the lease and start the huge task of painting the blue, pink and yellow rooms and scraping off the woodchip. We have 1 ceiling left to paint white and then we have a beautiful blank canvas to work on.

Our Story

Taking off where the 1st crowdfund left us, we now have a studio, a great big spacious studio. We have filled it with some great businesses and classes. The studio has taken on a life of its own, it’s full of energetic, colourful personalities and we really want the studio to reflect this …. but it’s white, we’re stuck on white. And there’s no reflection, well that’s a lie, 1 studio has mirrors but the larger studio has no mirrors.

This is why we are crowdfunding again, for colour and reflection (and some new flooring).

We’ll be honest, spending 6 months in this white studio is driving us nuts and having a dance studio with no mirrors is like having 2Girls with no plan.

We’re proud of what we’ve done so far, reinvesting to build the studio reputation, making it the go to place for fitness, fun and dance and where small independent business can grow their own business and brand under the ‘that place’ roof.

The Finances

As before we are still making this happen by ourselves, no banks, no investors, just pure hard work! Sheer determination to make our mark on Glasgow’s dance and fitness scene.

All done on a couple of crowdfunds. Our target for this crowd fund is £2,000 raising this amount would allow us to get:

Mirrors delivered and fitted: 


Painting and decorating: 

If we raise more than our target the money will be put to great use updating out other facilites making "That Place" a little more special!

"That Place" is also "Their Place" we want it to be "Your Place" so why not pop in and meet:

We loved doing our first crowdfund and can’t wait to get stuck into this one. Thank you for all your support and promises, don't forget to spread the word!

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Promised of our £2,000 target


Days left

This project missed its target on Monday Apr 8th, 16:00
Promise £5.00 + Spartan-elite fitness classes - this is not a bootcamp

THIS GROUP IS NOT FOR FITNESS BEGINNERS. It is aimed at people who regularly partake in exercise of any type, and wish to be within a group of like minded, enthusiastic, keen fitness folk!!! So as long as you can competantly jog and throw your body about, and you can do a are sorted!!!! Second Test of the first block, there will only be three tests. (If you can not make Saturday morning please let me know and I will do a sweep up, first one will be the Sunday morning). 9am meet just past the Templeton Business Centre, before the fountain. We will do PARQs, do a brief of the morning. You will then get a full warm up followed by a series of Military and other fitness tests to complete. You will then follow the Spartan-Elite package and do these same tests again in 12 weeks to smash your previous results!!!!!

98 rewards, 98 remaining
Promise £8.00 + Dance Class with Descarga

Representing black and African-Caribbean dance arts in Scotland. The DESCARGA DANCE SCHOOL delivers a rich and diverse programme of dance-based courses and workshops for adults and children; from salsa, son and chachacha, to regueton, rumba, folklore and hip hop.

25 rewards, 25 remaining
Promise £10.00 + 2013 Recipe Book

Recipe book for clean healthy eating. Our new and updated recipe book has more ideas to help you to a healthier, happier body. Recipes for juices, smoothies, soups, meals, snacks & even some desserts. Everything is as easy as possible, we love to chop/blend and go (or leave for the slow cooker to cook).

988 rewards, 988 remaining
Promise £10.00 + High 10

Geez a tenner ... for every tenner donated we will give you an online high 10 to thank you for your donation.

101010 rewards, 101010 remaining
Promise £20.00 + 10 classes for 20 Class Pass

10 classes for £20 Class Pass (new customers only, valid until 30 June 2013) Come along and try out our classes; Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, FIT3zero, FIT3intense, FIT3stretch, Running.

97 rewards, 97 remaining
Promise £20.00 + WHAM! (Weigh Hey And Measure!) 8 weeks online membership

Forward Fitness's online fat loss club is different to all the others. We are the first fat loss club that does not focus solely on what the scales say. We have both also been on our own fat loss journeys and know that one diet plan does not fit all. There are no points systems or food lists. We want to educate you, help you understand what works for you. Sometimes it is a case of trial and error. Understanding that you can't out train a bad diet and that 80% of successful fat loss is dietary changes and 20% exercise.

100 rewards, 100 remaining
Promise £25.00 + 5 amazing half hour videos

5 x 1/2 hour fitness videos to download and workout to. Got stuck in a meeting and couldn't make class? Can't get a babysitter? Don't want to leave the house (cause we all have days like that) and want to get a wee workout in to ease your conscience? Here's how.

99 rewards, 99 remaining
Promise £30.00 + Pole Position

Private lesson with Jayde Usher owner of Pole Position, Pole Fitness, Glasgow.

100 rewards, 100 remaining
Promise £35.00 + 5 Yoga Classes

Choose from nice wake-me-up gently yoga in the mornings to lively kick your ass evening Vinyasa yoga (new customers only, valid until 30 June 2013)

50 rewards, 50 remaining
Promise £35.00 + FIThub

Mad mental sweaty fast interval training with Kerrie indoors and out. (new customers only, valid until 30 June 2013)

25 rewards, 25 remaining
Promise £40.00 + A makeover day with Dollhouse

For all those ladies wanting to bring out their inner Dita Von Teese, indulge yourself and a friend in a day with Dollhouse. Spend your day being pampered in true burlesque style. The dolls will give you fabulous pin up hair, sultry 40's make up and a costume to make the boys swoon. Learn one of their spectacular burlesque routines and take home a video and photo for keepsake so you will always remember your day as a doll.

49 rewards, 49 remaining
Promise £250.00 + 2x2m wall painting

Donate £250 to our crowdfund and we'll give you a wall space where we'll have a mural designed and painted by a local Scottish artist and dedicated to you.

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Promise £400.00 + 10 personal training session with jen or elle

time to get fit! let's go.... 10 fantastic pt sessions with one of the girls. they guarantee results!

10 rewards, 10 remaining
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