Crowdfunding to Grow DDC Vinyl

by Nikki Raven

Help my printing business grow by funding a card reader, allowing debit and credit payments.

Enterprise Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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Thank you for taking the time to read all about my crowdfunding project - I need your help to grow my small home run business into a bigger and more sustainable brand.

My Business

My printing business, DDC Vinyl, produces personalised products and vinyl for home, vehicle and apparel. You can have your own image/text on items for gifts, home or merchandise! My customers love my products as you can see from the review below, but at the moment can only pay with cash, which limits the number and size of purchases.

As a small home run venture, I have been looking to find ways of helping my business move further - being able to accept card payments will allow me to move away from online or cash sales which will be such a boost for the business both locally and further afield when attending events. 


Expanding Payment Possibilities

I have been looking into a Paypal card reader to be able to offer my customers another form of payment but also the trust that is associated with the name Paypal as it has industry leading security.

With a card reader, I can attend more events and not limit my customers to smaller cheaper items but also process purchases of some of the larger, more expensive items. This is currently not always possible, due to being only able to accept cash.

This card reader will not only allow DDC Vinyl to take one step further in accepting multiple formats of payment, but also shows customers both new and old that I take their purchases seriously.

Supporting this project and promises towards it will be much appreciated and the rewards offered will never be able to show how truly grateful I am.

I want to show people that just because I am a small business, doesn't mean I am not as serious about running it as a larger one.

If the funding goes beyond that which I have asked for, I will put the extra funds straight into more research into new products and processes, continuing to expand  the business :)

Thank you,


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